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    You can find cheap lawn mowers online, but you can still end up spending a lot if you don’t perform regular maintenance. Like any kind of machine, lawn movers can get worn out and dirty. After a while, they will need oiling especially when they become difficult to start. Lawn mowers that receive regular maintenance do not only start more easily, they also last longer.


    If you don’t want to do this yourself, you should always hire the best big bend lawn mower repair service to sharpen your blades.

    Steps you should do to sharpen lawn mower blades:

    Clean the mover’s engine.

    Warm up the mower by running it for a few minutes. This will also loosen sediments. Shut the engine off, and disconnect the spark plug. Never forget this part or else you run the risk of accidental starting. If the spark plug is rusty, apply some lubricant to remove rust. Drain the old oil and clean the engine using a wire brush and putty knife. Don’t forget to clean the flywheel and check for signs of oil and fuel leaks.

    Sharpen lawn mower blades

    Dull lawn mower blades ruin the grass. You need to make sure the blades are sharp enough by inspecting them for cracks and dull edges. If you find any, use a metal file or bench grinder to sharpen the blades. If you don’t have these tools or the necessary skills, hire a professional or bring it to the repair shop. Remember to wear the right gloves when working on the lawnmower blades.

    Clean the air filter.

    Cleaning the air filter results in the better fuel-air ratio which in turn improves fuel efficiency. After every 25 hours of use, replace the air filters. If the filters have a pre-cleaner, you can replace them after 100 hours. Oil and debris could clog air filters. If this happens, it will be difficult to start the engine. Clean them using laundry detergent and water and then leave to dry.

    Replace the necessary parts. There will come a time that parts of your lawnmower will need to be replaced. This is still more affordable than if you were to purchase a new one, so better be patient. Before using the lawnmower for another session of grass cutting, replace the spark plug. Replace the oil too. Make sure you buy the right weight and grade indicated by the manufacturer. Use fresh gasoline too. Prime the engine before starting your lawnmower.

    Remove gasoline before storing.

    If your lawnmower will not be used for a considerable length of time, better remove the gasoline to avoid rust and any issues with the carburetor. Also, remove grass and mud.

    Lawnmowers are a major investment.

    You will want to find a cheap lawn mower online that are still in good condition. It could last up to 10 years but it will also depend a lot on your care and regular maintenance. A regularly maintained lawnmower lasts longer than a mower that’s used on long and thick grass without proper maintenance. Above are the basic of lawnmower maintenance, but you should also consult the maintenance instructions in the owner’s manual.

    By following these simple steps on how to sharpen lawn mower blades, you can easily and safely perform this task yourself. This will help to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

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