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    Roofing is integral to the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. But even more importantly, the roof should ensure the outdoors stay exactly there: outdoors! A well-painted roof can help to prevent leaks, drafts and even mould growth.


    What you should look for in roof paint:




    Painting your roof is a big job – you don’t want to have to do it every few months. To avoid continuous maintenance, choose paints and primers that are made to last. This way you can count on your product to save you time, effort and money.


    UV Resistance


    Roof paint manufacturers in South Africa know of the force with which the African sun beats down on surfaces. This makes effective UV resistance a must in the manufacturing of roof paint.


    Ruvacryl Premium is made with this in mind and has been extensively tested. These tests give the manufacturers the confidence to guarantee that your roof will be protected against UV rays, acid rain, mould and algae for more than a decade. Ensure you keep a beautiful and functional roof while you only have to repaint it every ten years or so.




    Water and sunlight are the main factors that cause the deterioration of roofs and their paint. The surface must be treated with some kind of waterproofing or damp resistant product to ensure a long lifespan.


    Mould deterring


    The growth of mould is not just unsightly; it can be very dangerous. Certain spores from certain moulds can be detrimental to your health. Instead of having to check every few months whether there is mould growth, invest in a paint that contains a biocide. This will inhibit the growth of the mould in the first place.


    Some paints have biocides in them but if your home is prone to growing mould on its roof you may consider something stronger. Invest in a product to get rid of it once and for all before you give your roof its new coat of paint.


    Ushevu is an anti-bacterial surface sterilizer that kills algae in preparation for the surface to be painted. Even in humid conditions it kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae.

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