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    No place can be used by anyone without a floor of any kind. A floor is the bottom surface of a room or any vehicle that people step on. They are also commonly referred to the space where people dance. This type of flooring is usually known as the dance floor. Anything simple like dirt can form a floor in places like caves. When it comes to the modern houses that people build nowadays, floors can be made of modern technology that uses multi layered surfaces by best flooring Singapore. A number of materials are used in making floors. Some of them are bamboo, metal, wood, stone or any type of material that is supposed to bear the load that is expected to be placed on top of it. Another place where the term floor is used is to denote the levels in a building. The term floors have been used to denote it for a long time but, the right choice of word is storey. When a floor is considered, it is usually made of two parts. A sub floor which is created to give support and a floor covering that makes it a smooth surface to walk on. In the buildings that are constructed nowadays, the sub floor portion has electrical wirings, plumbing installations and a number of other services that run through it. They are placed here in order to be sealed from the outer regions of a building. They also do this for safety reasons.

    Different types of floors

    The sub floor region of any house is constructed the same way like the other places. It is the floor covering that differs from one home to the other. There are instances when a special type of a floor known as floating floor is laid on another layer of flooring. During such instances, both the layers are referred to as sub floors. A balcony is a platform that is usually projected from a wall making it a space to walk on or relax. A floating floor is used in order to reduce noise or vibrations. A nightingale floor is a special type that makes a noise when a person intrudes. People usually make use of recommended wood supplier Singapore when it comes to building floors. It is also very important to make use of the reputable home cleaning services in order to keep one’s home clean and safe at the same time.
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