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    There was once a time in the past where using an air-conditioner was considered as a luxury and air-conditioners were branded as luxury items but in the present era, due global warming, an air-conditioner has become a basic necessity of life.

    Think of a hot summer day, you are sweating profusely after a hard day at work, you come home and go to your room, switch on the AC and suddenly you hear a ‘thud’ sound and  you realize that your dear AC has stopped working. What would be your plight at such a situation? It is not a mere imagination and many of us would have come across similar situations like this in our lives.

    Causes for AC failure

    • Clogged air filter or dirty coils: Many a times air filters and coils in air-conditioners get clogged due to dirt, debris collection or air pollution which results in reduced cooling or total AC failure.
    • Insufficient coolant: Sufficient coolant circulation is required through the evaporator coils which cool the air coming into the room. If this coolant is less, then the AC stops functioning.
    • Defects in the compressor: Compressor is considered as the heart of an AC which is responsible for keeping the incoming air cool. Due to faulty compressor, the cooling cycle goes for a toss and the AC stops working.
    • Defective thermostat: Thermostat senses the room temperature and signals the compressor to start working. If thermostat fails, the AC also fails.
    • High atmospheric temperature: If the temperature outside is more than the maximum external temperature an AC can withstand, the compressor fails shutting down the AC.
    • Small AC for a big room: Some people in order to reduce investment on ACs buy a small AC for a big room which increases the load on the AC and the AC stops to function.

    If you are facing an AC failure now, contact your nearest AC Repair Tempe technician at Tempe and get your AC serviced immediately. Their cost of servicing is reasonable for the work they do and you can easily afford it. They do everything from repair of AC parts to replacement of entire AC unit and also provide periodic service to make sure your air-conditioner functions at its best.

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