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    Many homeowners are opting for composite decking for their home building for the sole reason that these materials are durable and offer numerous options for customization. Decks are materials made to look like natural wood and are extremely durable with no maintenance costs. Depending on the area you want to install the decks, the costs may vary widely. Decks are available in different colours, quality as well as sizes, so the prizes are definitely dependent on several factors. Below are some of the factors you can consider to estimate the total cost of using composite decking in your home.

    Solid and hollow decks
    Before buying decks, you should understand there are two types to choose from: hollow and solid decks. Hollow decking guarantees less weight and allows wiring through the holes, especially if you want to set up speakers or any musical instruments. However, the hollow spaces in the decks can be a weak point, thereby contributing to deterioration over time, which is an additional cost to the implementation of your plan.

    Due to the fact they are made with more materials, solid decks cost more. This type of deck is also durable and can withstand pressure, so if you are looking for decks to use in a busy room where you keep heavy materials, this is the best choice although relatively expensive. However, due to the presence of more materials, the decks are likely to expand and contract with changing temperatures, something that can deface the arrangement of the decks.

    According to many construction agencies, the standard size of decks is 10 by 12 feet despite the fact that most people are now giving preference to larger decks. The size of decks required can vary from one home to another. If you are considering buying decks, it is advisable to first have a look at decks installed in neighbouring houses so as to get a rough idea about what can work well within your area.

    Larger decks are costlier and require extra effort during installation. If you are running a tight budget, you should stick to the standard size, which is the most affordable option.

    Apart from size, there are also additional features like installing lighting together with the decks, which can raise the overall cost of having the decks installed. The lighting requires a timer, which should switch the lights on once it’s night.

    Maintenance of decks to save costs
    Composite decking does not demand high level of maintenance and is a better option compared to wood. However, this does not mean you should just leave the decks unattended for their entire life. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure the decks retain their glossy appearance and this also helps to eliminate any stains that could make the surface look dull.

    While performing maintenance operations, you should not use sharp objects like shovels because the edges could scratch the surface. Do not leave oil and grease stains to stay longer before cleaning. If you will need to pressure wash the decks, make sure the pressure does not exceed 1500 psi. Lastly, you should improve drainage around the decks since stagnant water could damage the decks.

    If you want more information about how to clean your deck, click here.

    Tips for saving
    Composite decking calls for a huge investment. Although decks are easy to maintain, most people want to also save while embracing beauty. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce the overall cost of having the decks installed.

    First, get several quotes before hiring a professional so you can compare what different experts are offering. This way, you can choose an affordable person to install the decks. Secondly, you should time the work to ensure the decks are bought during spring, when prices are low.

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