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    In order to keep your decking looking as good as new, and to extend its life expectancy, you will need to clean it effectively. The type of cleaning that your decking requires will depend on several factors including the type of material that the decking is made from. Natural wood decking requires regular maintenance including brushing, scrubbing, stripping and staining in order to keep it looking its best. Timbertech composite decking requires much less cleaning in order to keep it properly maintained. We reveal several handy tips that will help you to best clean your composite decking in no time.

    There are two main ways to clean your composite decking. The first is periodic cleaning which can be done several times throughout the year, or whenever there is dirt build-up on the surface of the decking. You can wash your composite decking using a mild detergent that has been dissolved into warm water. Many people are choosing to use eco-friendly cleaning products in order to clean their decking, as they are better for the environment. Always ensure that all cleaning products have been properly removed from the surface of the decking after cleaning. Failure to remove detergent properly could result in damage to the surface of the composite decking. Also avoid using harsh detergents that contain bleach or exfoliating properties, and can potentially also may scratch or stain the decking.

    Another way to clean decking is to use a power washer. A high powered pressure washer has the ability to quickly clean your composite decking with very little effort. You can purchase a power wash from a local DIY store, or if you prefer you can hire one to use for a day. The best time to clean your composite decking with a power wash is just before the summer months when we know you will be spending time on your decking, as well as just before winter approaches. You do not need to wash your composite decking as often you complete periodic cleaning. We recommend power washing your composite decking between two and four times a year. Prior to using your power washer, always ensure that the recommended PSI settings are adhered to, and that you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Power washing does not require the use of detergent, but you still may choose to spot clean specific areas in order to remove tough to budge stains. Power washers can be used on both composite decking and PVC decking, although it may cause damage to some types of wood decking.

    While composite decking is low maintenance, It does require periodic cleaning to ensure it looks as good as new. Set an annual cleaning schedule and always refer to the decking manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to make sure that you use the right cleaning method for the type of decking that you have. Follow the above tips and you well have a beautiful, clean decking all year round.

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