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    Time after time we come across people who believe artificial grass is that awful, short and scrubby bright green stuff. Years ago they’d have been right, but not anymore. Technology has moved on, and here at QuickGrass we’ve got the latest and best in artificial grass. Our products look and feel so real, you won’t believe it isn’t live grass. We have a range to choose from, from budget right the way up to luxury styles. Don’t let the idea of a budget grass fool you; all of our grass is gorgeous, made with plenty of fibres so that bright green spikes are a thing of the past.

    You might be thinking that’s all good and well, the grass looks fantastic and indeed looks natural, but what about how it benefits you? Nothing can stand the test of time just by looking pretty. All of our artificial grass is incredibly long lasting and hardwearing, manufactured to the highest of high standardsbut we still offer a ten year warranty on the colourfastness and UV stability because we’re just that good! And because our grass is so hardwearing, it’s perfect for pretty much anywhere. Little lawns, sprawling grounds, balconies, schools, nurseries, care homes, indoor conversions, even those tricky gardens with paths and bird baths in the middle, you name it, QuickGrass artificial grass can conquer it and look fantastic whilst doing so.

    Artificial grass needs zero maintenance, spare the odd once over with a stiff bristle brush now and again to keep the fibre standing up straight, so once it’s down you can start to enjoy it straight away. Relaxing, playing, entertaining, it’s all possible with our gorgeous range of artificial grass. Dogs love it, children love it, and they can’t tell the difference which is a bonus. Spillages such as juice, ice cream, and even dog mess can all be sluiced away in a matter of minutes with warm water and household detergent. The grass won’t fade, become patchy or sparse, and best of all there’s no mud to be traipsed into the house afterwards either. It keeps its lush green colour all year round, so while your neighbours have to make do with a dank and soggy garden during the winter months, you will have a beautiful fresh crisp lawn to admire. The beauty of this is that even in winter, you can wrap the children up and send them out into the garden to burn off all that pent up energy they’ve been storing, cooped up indoors. The family dog can go out too, with no fear of muddy pawprints to clean up afterwards.

    You have to see our artificial grass to believe it, you really do. It’s just so soft and lush, and now we’ve got some new styles in stock we’re definitely top of the game when it comes to artificial grass. We’ve got every eventuality covered, every type of outdoor space taken care of, every kind of garden in hand. Our artificial grass is extremely adaptable and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see it, and have a feel of it of course! Contacting us is easy. There’s a handy guide on our site so you can measure your outdoor space beforehand, making getting a quote fuss-free. No matter where you are, we have installers and installation teams all over the UK so getting our artificial grass to you isn’t a problem. Request a sample pack now and get the ball rolling, and soon you’ll be enjoying a gorgeous and stress free, crisp and vibrant, healthy looking lawn safe in the knowledge you’ve got that all important ten year guarantee and fantastic customer service.