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    What kind of a landlord are you? Are you the kind that wants to do it yourself which means you receive frequent maintenance calls from your tenants or the stress of having to balance your books? Or you may be the property owner who wants to hire a service to work for them.  If you would rather get someone to take care of your houses and tenants, and then hiring a top-notch property management rentals firm might be the best move to make.

    Although you have to pay them for their services, they will help you in streamlining your business and most importantly free up a good chunk of your time. So, what exactly should you look out for in a property management rental company?


    1.    The Cost

    Of course, the price is a crucial factor when it comes to getting services in today’s market. You don’t want to spend more only to get substandard services, right? That’s why you should conduct extensive research to get a firm that fits into your budgetary requirements. Remember that many fraudulent property managers are looking to earn a quick payout!

    Also, take note of how the company handles home repairs since a good number of them delegate them to costly third-party groups. In the end, you, as the property owner, will end up paying a hefty sum of money for unforeseen expenses.


    1.    Customer Help and Support System

    It’s good to get a property management rental company that can listen and respond to your tenant’s queries and requests promptly. In this way, you can feel at ease knowing that those living in your rental houses are comfortable and secure. So, here are some of the things that they should have.

    •    A website with a fully functioning live chat system
    •    24/7 telephone hotline where tenants can at any time
    •    A good presence on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter


    1.    What Services Do They Offer?

    It’s almost impossible to choose any company for property management rentals if you don’t understand the kind of services they’re offering. If you just pick the first property manager you come across; you might end up paying a considerable sum of money only to be disappointed in the end. So, to help you out, here are some of the things that should come with any such firm.

    •    Screening out problematic tenants
    •    Income and expense verification
    •    Decreasing the tenant turnover
    •    Making sure that rent is paid at the set time



    Investing in rental homes can contribute a lot of monthly cash inflow. However, daily management tasks are not for everyone. Getting a management firm that can do this for you is not only an intelligent but brave move. However, it should be done with the utmost level of caution. So, follow the tips above, and you won’t have anything to worry about!

    “An ache for a home lives in all of us. A safe place where we can go and not be questioned.”

    Isn’t it so true? We invest our time, money, as well as our desires to search a perfect property which we can call it ours. What if your most ambitious dream home is near the beach where the sound of waves could wake you to beautiful mornings? Or a house near the river where you can enjoy an evening stroll? Nothing can be more ecstatic than it! Believe me you can get one in prime locations like Candolim or Siolim.

    However, one mistake can shatter your dreams to acquire a property for sale in Siolim. What if one hasty decision to acquire a flat in Candolim leaves you in the tangles of property legalities? It could land you in a legal battle with the seller that could probably last forever. I have seen so many incidences where people invested in their preferred properties without scrutinising the legal documents in fear of losing the deal.

    These incidences helped me make my mind to give you information about necessary property requirements which you should check before buying a house for yourself.

    Documents to check: Property for sale in Siolim and Candolim

    Mother Deed

    This important document states about the original owner of the property. You should definitely ask for this Deed or at least a copy of it as it will help you establish as the new owner of your villa or apartment. This Deed is a recorded reference to previous ownerships without any broken sequence.

    Sale Deed

    This legal property document is a proof of sale and ownership transfer from the seller to you when you purchase properties for sale in Candolim or in Siolim. The most important thing I think you should look at in this Sale Deed is whether the property which you are going to purchase has a clear title or not.

    I would definitely suggest you to make sure that your property seller makes a Deed which has settled cess, property tax, maintenance charges, electricity charges, water charges and others.

    Account certificate and extract

    It is also known as ‘Khata certificate’ and ‘Khata extract’. Khata certificate denotes a new property’s registration and its transfer document, whereas its extract is used for acquiring property details from assessment registrars. These revenue record extracts are categorised into A and B type.

    You should be very careful in buying them. My suggestion would be to steer clear of the B Khata property as these are considered to be illegally constructed. To convert B Khata to A Khata, you have to face a lot of problems as well as pay penalty to the government. It is better to purchase Khata A from reliable property developers and avoid any hassle.

    Current tax paid receipt

    Before you purchase a house in Siolim or invest in properties for sale in Candolim, make sure that your paid tax bills are up to date. If all your property tax bills are met, you can easily get your Khata issued in your name. It is advisable that you make complete investigations ensuring that all your property taxes are cleared. You can easily get the information from the municipal authorities.

    Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

    This document has all the registered transactions which were done on the property. To obtain an EC, you need to fill the Form 22, fix a non-judicial form and submit with a copy of Sale Deed.

    Although there are more legal documents for the purchase of property for sale in Siolim associated to it, you should definitely ask for all the above documents. I’ll tell you the good part. Whatever be the place, Siolim or Candolim, when you make any property purchase from a reliable real estate developer, they will responsibly provide you with all these papers on time. So, check their websites and hire the experienced professionals for a hassle-free house buying procedure.
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