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    You have a pool. Fun! Great! Fantastic! You can now have family, friends, and neighbors, everyone over to swim in your pool. The block parties will be at your place, you can swim late into the night, and you can drink whatever drinks you wish—poolside at your home. That’s all well and good. The responsibility for cleaning it and maintaining it also defaults to you. As the homeowner you may not be comfortable handling chemicals or you may not want to be responsible for all of the upkeep. So you are now looking for the right pool service. Here are some ways to pick the right pool service company for you:

    First, look for experience. Get someone or a company who knows what they are doing. Really this is the best way to start out. Think about it—you were not all that sure about what to do with the pool. Why would you pay someone else who is inexperienced to manage the pool? That’s just silly. Ask the neighbors; talk with your co-workers, check out online to gather more info. Even reach out on social media and you might be surprised at the amount of feedback you receive.

    Next, consider the scope of the potential company that will be servicing your pool. Do they also do repairs? Repairs are inevitable and it might be best to select a company that is all inclusive in this regard. Troubleshooting, repairs, prevention, weekly maintenance, seasonal support… and that’s just a brief list of the key points that will need to be addressed.

    What about relationship and personality? You certainly want to do business with a company that you can get along with, and have staff that is easily approachable. What if a task or something was not done to your level of satisfaction? What would you do then? This also depends on your personality really, reflecting on if you would or would not be comfortable approaching the company. What you want to do is look for the best pool service in your area. Try a google search and look for best Placerville pool service for example, and you will get quite the list of potential businesses to do the work for you. You get to comb through and see who is good and who is not.

    It all comes down to experience, relationship, price—let’s be honest, and overall compatibility. Do what you think is best and try out the pool service you think is right for you. Have a short-term contract upfront even to see if it really is a good fit or not before proceeding further.