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    What should you look for when hiring a professional auto locksmith service for your vehicle?

    1. Hire locally.
    Hiring locally is a way of helping local businesses and your community, and often times you can receive a lower price because it takes less time and less fuel for the auto locksmith to drive to your vehicle.

    2. Professional credentials.
    Make sure you do your research on local companies. Does the auto locksmith company that you are considering hiring hold professional certifications or credentials to ensure that you will receive the highest standard of service available? Are these certifications up to date? Look for these companies to be licensed, assured, and any other awards or memberships related to your local area.

    3. Build relationships.
    You should always try to find an auto locksmith who you can build a solid relationship with for the long term. Keep your eyes out for a trustworthy and friendly locksmith. The fastest way to find out if you think you can build a relationship with a locksmith is to simply hop on the phone and have a chat. You’ll get a good feel for their level of professionalism and customer service very quickly. Relationships are the backbone of business and make it more rewarding for both you as the customer and the locksmith company.

    4. Social proof.
    A great way to determine if the auto locksmith you are considering hiring is going to fulfil the level of service you are expecting, is to visit their social profiles on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and any other business related websites and forums. Read the reviews and learn what other local people are saying about their level of service. You could also do a Google search for local directories such as “Thomson directory top Cardiff locksmith”, then have a look at the companies in your area.

    5. Guarantee.
    Always use a professional auto locksmith who offers a solid guarantee. You need to hire a locksmith who guarantees their workmanship, and a company who will honour the warranties of all their manufacturers in the event that the locks or parts fail after installation.

    6. Cost of services.
    Never make a decision solely based upon price. In this world of getting what you pay for, if you pay peanuts you will probably get monkeys. Not all locksmith services are created equal. Look for a locksmith with competitive prices in the mid-range, not too high, not too low.

    7. Professionalism
    Most importantly, do your best to find an auto locksmith company that shows professionalism in every area of their business. After all, you hire a good auto locksmith to work with a professional who can solve your problem. Look for a locksmith company that has an updated website, new vans, quality uniforms, and who answers the phone in a polite and professional manner.

    From plumbers to locksmiths to computer repairs, our tips for finding a high quality auto locksmith can be used for practically any professional service. Be sure to save the phone number of whichever auto locksmith company you choose. Their number should be readily available on their website and you should not have to look very hard for it. Then follow the company on Facebook so you can stay up to date on their latest updates and any offers that they may be running exclusively on social media.

    Locksmiths are in-demand professionals trained to offer services including: helping individuals access their property after they’ve been locked out, to changing the locks of a property completely.

    Why a Locksmith?

    It is a common misconception that a locksmith’s only job is to pick locks. In actual fact they can offer so much more, such as: key cutting, supplying, fitting and repairing locks, auto-locksmith service and access control.

    Finding the right Locksmith – going local

    Many of us have, or will at some point in our lives, be stuck in a situation where we require the help of a locksmith. Nowadays, most people turn to search engines when it comes to seeking professional services and are often faced with hundreds of listings from national call centres using dishonest tactics to appear high up in local searches.

    This article will outline the reasons why you should avoid big national chains – although this is a quick and convenient option, it is often more worthwhile to spend the time and effort in finding a local locksmith yourself. For example, if you live in south Wales, you should consider using an independent locksmiths in Cardiff.

    Compromised quality
    Such companies are only interested in making money, which to them often means compromising the quality of work provided to their customers. National locksmiths call centres appear as though they’re providing great service but they are often guilty of booking the first or cheapest locksmith they can find, without doing any further research – this in turn results in dissatisfied and over-charged customers.

    Up to 50% price different
    National chains can charge up to 50% more than a local locksmith, and customers are often duped into paying more than they should for even the most basic of jobs.

    National call centres make money by playing the middleman and charging customers a premium for the privilege. Call entre workers may save themselves extra work by booking the first locksmith they find, even if it means hiring someone miles from your location. This means customers are often faced with a large call-out charge, even if they were promised ‘no call out fees’.

    Better to be safe than sorry
    Hiring a locksmith through a national call centre can be risky move as you cannot guarantee who will arrive. It is an unpleasant experience to receive services off a rude or unprofessional worker, and even worse to receive services off someone who is clearly not qualified to carry out the task at hand.

    The only way to ensure the services of a genuine locksmith is to do your research in order to find a reputable name. It’s highly recommended when hiring a locksmith to look out for 3rd party approval as this validates their authenticity.

    Any down-sides?

    Although sitting down and searching for a decent locksmith can be a time-consuming task, it can also help you to make the right choice which in turn can save you time, money and hassle in the long run, and spending time to find the right person is a small price to pay for good service with long-term results.