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    If you love to be in close vicinity of nature, then nothing can be better than creating a small world of trees, plants and flowers in your garden or backyard. Landscaping and construction is a laborious task to do but you can minimize the agony by planning meticulously. There are some simple things to keep in mind while planning for a landscape designing.


    1. What Do You Want? Once you have decided to go for the landscaping, the first thing you need to do is to sort out things that you want from your landscape. Prioritize the needs and wants from your landscape garden. Apart from present needs, also try to conclude the future needs which are on the way. This will help you to create something to maximize the usefulness for a very long time.

    1. Choose the Site: The most important part of landscape gardening is to choose the right place for it. Study the wind pattern and sun exposure of the place where you are planning to set the landscape. A windy area is not at all good for fire pit and a western side is not recommended for those who don’t like too much hot afternoons. So you have to focus on the functionality of the place and then to decide a spot for landscaping.

    1. Sketch a Functional Drawing: The most common mistake people do when planning a landscape gardening is to ignore the functionality of the space. Just like your home, landscape gardening also includes functional aspects. Try to figure out the “use areas” first. Then consider the fact how people will go from one “use area” to another or how to move between the home and landscape without bumping any obstacle on the way. As you chalk out the functional sketch of the landscape area, arrange drainage pattern, plant location, watering pattern accordingly. If you are finding it difficult to chalk out a functional plan, then any reputed Toronto landscaping companies can do the job for you.

    1. Add Focal Points: Any good landscaping is incomplete without effective focal point or a set of focal points. This can be anything like a beautiful tree or an exquisite sculpture or a stretch of small plants. The significance of focal point is to catch the eye and then to move it through the whole area.

    1. Coordinate the Colors: Any landscape comprises hell lot of flowers, trees, plant and sometimes water body and sculpture. Plant the tree in a way that will complement other colors of the surrounding. If you want to create a contrasting effect then you can do it with seasonal shrubs and tiny flower plants. Don’t forget to add some evergreen trees and plants in your landscape area as Spring is not going to stay forever and Winter will surely come.


    Keyword for landscape gardening is Patience. Sometimes it takes years to make the area just the way you have wanted it. Always add some personal touch to make it unique, to make it “yours”.