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    Hiring a skip is incredibly useful when you need to carry out renovations on your home, transform your garden or when tackling those large DIY jobs. You can find a skip for hire in your local area at Hiring a skip allows you to store waste quickly and efficiently, without too much disruption to the task at hand. But what exactly can you put in a skip?

    Items you can place in a hired skip

    Generally speaking, hired skips are used for the purpose of storing general waste and builders waste, plus certain metal and wooden items. Generally, you can place most items into a hired skip, apart from any items that are classed as hazardous. If in doubt, it is always best to contact the skip hire company.

    Below are most of the items that you can safely put in a hired skip

    Builders bricks
    Household waste
    Tin cans
    Food and its packaging
    Wooden and metal furniture
    Cookers (gas, not electric)
    Most garden waste
    Wood and metal items

    Items you cannot place in a hired skip

    So now you know what you can put in a skip, what items are not allowed?

    As already mentioned, you are not allowed to place any hazardous items into a hired skip. Other prohibited items include those such as:

    Computer monitors
    Fluorescent light tubes
    Medical waste
    Gas cylinders
    Electric cookers
    Electric fires

    What about paint tins? You can dispose of paint tins into a hired skip, but they do need to be empty.

    What about mattresses? Most skip hire firms do not class mattresses as general waste, and if you do place them into a skip, you will probably have to pay an additional charge. So do check with your chosen skip hire company.

    Why is plasterboard not allowed? There is legislation that stipulates that plasterboard is not classed as general waste, and therefore it must be disposed of separately. Therefore it cannot be placed with general waste into a hire skip.

    Why are tyres not allowed? Once again, tyres need to be disposed of in a different way to general waste, so they cannot be placed into a hire skip.

    Are rubble and soul allowed in a hire skip? Yes they are both allowed. However, you need to be aware that you may need to contact your skip hire company about doing so, due to the heavy weight.

    What about electrical equipment? Electrical equipment cannot be placed in a hired skip. This covers all electrical appliances, such as dishwashers, freezers and microwaves. Instead these items need to be disposed of by a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling service. Your local council can help you with this, along with information provided online by the Health and Safety Executive.

    Why is the disposal of asbestos not allowed? Asbestos cannot be recycled or reused. It can also not be disposed of in the same manner as general waste. As asbestos falls under the category of hazardous waste, you will need to use the services of a hazardous waste company to dispose of the asbestos safely for you.