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    Composite decking is a blend of natural wood and synthetic materials that is incredibly advantageous as it is non slip, will not splinter or warp and is suitable for all weather conditions. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Composite decking is flexible in terms of how you wish to plan and design the decking area for your garden.

    Below we share some design ideas with you when wishing to install composite decking.

    Swimming pool decking
    If you are designing a decking area that is to surround a pool, then why not opt for marine colours? Blues and greens work well as do yellows that resemble golden sandy beaches. If you have children then a different colour around the edge of the pool is a good idea to remind them to walk and not run.

    Balcony decking
    Many people now use composite decking on their balcony. The composite decking can really help to brighten up the outside space. Using a similar colour to the indoor flooring can create a feeling of free movement from home to garden.

    Chill out area
    When composite decking is utilised for a chill out area in the garden then the choice is absolutely yours. Many individuals opt for natural and calming colours that blend with the surrounding nature. A railing around the space can also separate the area from the rest of the garden. This is also a good space to install a fire pit or chimney.

    Dining area
    Composite decking is fantastic flooring for an outside dining area. It is easy to keep clean, and is non-slip even if drinks are accidentally spilled. A raised decking area is usually a good idea when it is used for that of dining. Edging with planters or a rail can help to keep the area private and as a designated outdoor room.

    Any shape
    The true beauty of composite decking is that you can create any shape you wish. You could create a hexagonal dining decking area and a circular chill out area. Your creative side can truly go wild!

    Patterns and colour

    As composite decking is available in a variety of colours, you can create any pattern with any colour choice. Herringbone patterns are popular, as are horizontal, diagonal and diamond patterns. This all very much depends upon your personal choice. Take a look at the wide choice from TimberTech:

    Use of accessories
    Accessories can really help to transform the look of your composite decking area. Steps are needed when there is a raised decking area. These can be in the same shades, opposing colours and have lights inserted into them; a good idea for night time use.

    Benches are also a welcome accessory to any outdoor space. They are available in a variety of finishes and colours that will complement any composite decking design.

    Lights can truly change the look and feel of your composite decking area, helping to create a softer and more intimate outdoor experience. Simple spotlights, halogen lamps and colour changing lights are all great options.