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    Nothing quite transforms an outdoor space like some beautiful decking. When it comes to choosing the perfect decking, there are so many factors to take into consideration that it can be tough to know where to start. We reveal some of the main things you need to think about when buying decking, so you can pick the very best type for your needs.

    Before you start, it’s a wise idea to get an indication as to how much decking you’re going to need. You can do this by measuring out the space and by using stakes and string to really get an idea of the area that you want to cover. You can also make a plan on paper, so that you can easily refer back to it as you are planning your decking.

    What Material?

    Decking is available in a huge range of materials, and a type that you go for should depend on a variety of factors including your budget as well as your personal tastes. You should choose a decking that complements the rest of the garden as well as the exterior of your property. If you already use a type of wood in your outdoor space, you may want to choose a decking material that matches it.

    Some of the main types of decking include composite decking, PVC (vinyl) decking and hardwood or timber decking. Each type of decking has its own benefits, so it’s worth doing a little research before you make an investment. Composite decking is a good all-rounder, as it provides a durable and long-lasting surface, and it’s also pretty economical.PVC vinyl decking is extremely low maintenance, although it is not particularly environmentally-friendly as it is made out of plastic. Timber decking may look the part and there are a large selection of wood types of decking available to purchase, however, it often comes with a higher price tag.

    Installation Times

    You want to take into consideration the installation and difficulty level for the type of decking that you are thinking of buying. Composite decking is particularly easy to install, and many companies even provide slot decking lengths which simply fit into one another for a very quick and smooth installation. There are some types of materials of decking that require expert help for installation, so make sure that you’re aware of this before you buy.


    Most decking required at least a minimum amount of maintenance in order to keep it looking as good as new. Timber decking brings required very high maintenance; often you will be required to sand, paint, or varnish the wood on an annual basis to make sure that it doesn’t rot, split, or fade. Composite and plastic decking can often be very maintenance-friendly, and will only require a pressure clean once or twice a year.

    Take into consideration these different factors, and you will be sure to pick the very best type of decking for your needs. If you’re still having trouble deciding, why not contact your local decking specialist? They will be able to offer you some helpful advice on the different types around. Good luck!