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    Just because its work doesn’t mean it has to look and feel like it. A comfy leather chair, fully upholstered with the finest materials and hand-carved pine wood finish; a contemporary glass desk that reflects the light; beautifully designed storage facilities that not only keep things organised, but can add modernism and contemporise any setting, finished with the right desk and mood lighting for the job.

    Offering a wealth of designs for a modern and practical workstation, all at various affordable or high-end price points, executive office furniture can be integral to a myriad of settings and complement a range of styles, whether at home or in the workplace. From high quality office desks to executive storage, cable management solutions to luxurious chairs, there is a wealth of choice available.

    Though originally designed for big businesses, there is now an incredible array of furniture and equipment to suit both the small home office, medium sized start-ups, or indeed all the way up to the boardroom itself; no matter the environment there is sure to be something that meets requirements.

    Bevlan can assist an optimum, healthy working environment that works around you with judicious consideration, your executive office furniture can be more than just a means to an end. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is with the office chair – from simple web surfing, to long hours, an ergonomic seat should be a top consideration.  A great selection of school furniture can be found at Bevlan

    A correct and comfortable office chair should provide stable body support in a variety of positions; coupled with the overall workplace environment, the furniture also needs to encourage the right level of movement and posture. The longer you’re using the chair, the more adjustable features are required, and executive office furniture is crucial for this. With adjustments such as height, Lumbar and locking support within easy reach, operating them takes minimal effort.