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    Sigh. Retirement. Sounds like a dream perhaps? Maybe retirement is what you are striving for, something you are just so excited about and looking forward to. You will be your own boss, you get to do the things you want to do and just take it easy. How does that sound? You can focus on the hobbies, the family… the friends that you want to spend time with so much. It’ll be great!

    Here are some things to look forward to in retirement.

    You get to learn even more about yourself. Your life is no longer governed by your work week. You get to do what you want to do and go where you want to go. There are Connecticut retirement communities that are available for you to go retire at. Talk about more free time! You are no longer distracted from things in life that are going to drag you down and force you to commit to a time schedule for example. If you want to sleep in like you have always want to do for your working career life, then by all means please sleep in if that is what you wish to do once in retirement.

    Also since getting to learn more about yourself, you can be really honest with yourself as well. What do you like to do for fun? Where do you want to live as it is not based on your now former job? Think about it. You get to dream about it a bit as well.

    So go on, and dream that retirement dream! Dream it like you never have before. Start dreaming now too, before your retirement party and you are on your way out the door of work. You get to broaden your interests as well. Did you always like to sew or knit? Well now you can really dive into it! Did you like to go fishing when you had a long weekend? Well now you can go every weekend if that is what you wish! You are going to be set on your interests and you can even get some new one. Why not visit an old friend you have been meaning to visit and join along in their interests and hobbies? Why not?

    Go ahead and dream a big dream for your retirement. Dream it, live it, and start saving now for it. You will thank yourself later no doubt about it.