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    Growing up is tough. Well, it can be. The more you learn about the world around you the more you learn about the people in the world and how tough it really can be. That is why people call it reality or the real world. Life, death, and taxes are what are promised in this life, or at least for life in the United States. If you are over the age of 18 then you well know about these promises! It does not take long to get a whiff of real life once you become an official adult. Oh growing up… it happens so fast. With younger children they change so quickly in their outward appearance and by the things they are learning, that it all goes by so fast. They change and us older adults stay about the same. There is a peak of where we do not change as much anymore. If it is time for Bloomfield independent living for seniors, then so be it. Move! Get on up and move if that is what needs to be done. That is just the way life goes for most all of us. Do not over think what you are doing. Do not get too thoughtful of it all either depressed or inspired to change the system, just do what is best for you. If it means moving then move. If it means staying then stay. Maybe then again it is best for change to happen in your life.

    After you know you are grown up, or are a grown up, you know what the majority of life entails. Not that you know it all, though you may think you do, but you really do not. There is so much still to learn, so much still to do and experience. Then there are the folks who must, who just absolutely have to learn things out the hard way. This happens all too often. An individual who needs to learn something the hard way has now re-invented the wheel and not made much progress in the realm of advancing our nation or our world. By having to make mistakes that have already been made and talked about and gone over time and time again it makes for a rather repetitive society. So next time you think you have it all figured out, check with those who have come before you. Ask them what their experiences have been. Learn from those experiences. Listen. Take advice. Do your part for yourself and your part as a citizen in society.