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    Discover the different criteria that determine your choice of operators.

    Choose the freight according to the mode of transport

    There are several modes of transport to deliver your goods:

    • Sea route.
    • Railway track.

    The choice of a mode of transport is conditioned by the nature of the goods, their value, their weight and their size. It is also important to know the distance to travel, as well as the point of departure and arrival of your product.

    To preserve the quality of the product to deliver, the speed of execution also becomes a criterion to remember.

    So, for example:

    • If your goods have to travel more than 1000 km on the same continent, it would be better to opt for a train.
    • If you have to deliver your product quickly to the same territory, trucking can be a more practical solution.
    • If your goods weigh less than 400 kg and measure less than 1 m 3 , the best solution is to entrust your package to a specialized charterer.

    Choose the freight according to the services offered

    Not all freight forwarders offer the same services, even if they use the same means of transport. Moreover, for a shipment by truck or train, you can either opt for retail packages or full loads.

    Retail packages allow cost sharing among multiple companies by reserving only one or more boards.

    The freight by sea also has two categories: bulk or container.

    Bulk cargo shipping is ideal for raw materials, ore, grain, oil, coal or any commodity that requires no packaging.

    A shipment in container corresponds to the finished products. Its primary advantage is the ease of moving containers from one ship to another or to a truck. In this category of seaway, there are also packages and full loads.

    Choose the freight according to the quality presented

    truckers load board operator must have an authorization to be able to exercise his trade of carrier. Make sure you register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but also its membership in the register carriers.

    You must then check your insurance policy, or even call the insurance company for more information and avoid future inconvenience.

    Remember that a forwarder with many references and various services is a real guarantee of experience and professionalism.