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    Guests love that the hotel room is clean and airy. And that the room smelled fresh! Maids, ensuring cleanliness and order in the hotel, strictly adhere to the standards of cleanliness. Each cleaning of the hotel room is carried out in stages or, as they say, in steps.

    Technology of cleaning the hotel room

    Step 1

    Initially, it is necessary to ventilate the room. To do this, the maid should open the window and turn off the air conditioner (if it is installed). The maid should wash her hands and wear disposable gloves. After this, it is necessary to wash the used dishes, clean the trash cans and take out the garbage from the room.

    Step 2

    Housekeeping starts with a bathroom. It is necessary to replace bath towels, hand towels, face towels. Spray surfaces for cleaning with cleaning solutions. After that, the gloves must be removed.

    Step 3

    Proceed to the next stage – the bed. Dirty bedding needs to be replaced. The bed linen is removed and taken out of the room. Naturally, bed linen changes after each guest departure from the room. In the event that the guest stops at the hotel for a long time, bed linen is changed approximately every three days (depending on the starry hotel). The condo cleaning services Singapore options are now there and that also within budget. Replaced pillows and blankets are made according to the schedule set by the standard of cleanliness of the hotel.

    Step 4

    Clean bed linen should be laid, pillowcases to put on pillowcases. The bed in the room must be prepared for the arrival of a new guest. You can use the standard reception. For this, it is necessary to turn about 1/4 of the blanket down from the top of the bed, to lay out clean pillows to the headboard. After that, pull the blanket over the top of the pillows.

    Step 5

    Basic cleaning of the bathroom is important. In order to avoid cross contamination, several wipes should be used for cleaning different colors in accordance with the established coding. The bathroom and walls should be rinsed with a shower and wiped dry with a specially prepared napkin. After wiping it, you must rinse off the chemical solution. If a curtain is used instead of the bathroom screen and dirt is visible on it, it should be replaced.


    The solution from the toilet should be washed off and wiped with a different color napkin. Then rinse the sink and wipe the toilet with a new napkin. Clean the mirrors in the bathroom with the glass cleaner and wipe it dry with a different cloth.

    Step 6

    The main cleaning of the living area is there. Dust must be removed from all surfaces: a table, a chair, a bedside table, a TV, a telephone, a lamp, i.e. all solid interior surfaces. Clean mirrors and glass from stains and dirt. Remove stains from carpets and upholstery by specially selected cleaning agents for this purpose. Vacuum the room.

    Outsourcing of hotels: pros and cons

    Maintaining cleanliness and order in hotel rooms is an important production task that can easily get out of hand. It is important to be able to break the cleaning stages into smaller tasks. Thanks to this, greater controllability and saving time for cleaning and cleaning chemicals are achieved. Creating an effective maid service can be quite a time-consuming task. This will require a sufficient amount of time: recruitment, training and testing, monitoring of intermediate performance results.

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